Upakul express (711 & 712)

Upakul Express (711 & 712)

Table of contents

  1. History of Upakul express
  2. Journey Details
  3. Ticketing and seating options

History of Upakul express

Since its inaugural run in 1984, the Upakul Express has become synonymous with reliable and comfortable travel between Dhaka and Noakhali. This intercity train, operated by Bangladesh Railway, serves as the sole passenger train connecting these two vibrant destinations. Its name, "Upakul," translates to "coastal," reflecting the scenic journey it takes along the Bay of Bengal.

Journey Details

Upakul express (712)

The Upakul express (712) operates six days a week, with Tuesday being the off day. The journey starts from Dhaka at 03:10 pm BST and ends at Noakhali at 08:40 pm BST, taking a total of 5 hours and 30 minutes.

Here are the details of the stations and halts for the journey:

Upakul express (711) : Noakhali to Dhaka

The return journey (Upakul express 711) starts from Noakhali at 06:00 am BST and ends at Dhaka at 11:20 am BST, taking a total of 5 hours and 20 minutes. Here are the details of the stations and halts for the return journey:

Ticketing and seating options

Planning your Upakul Express adventure? Here's a quick breakdown of your ticket options:

Book your tickets online in advance, especially during peak seasons, to avoid last-minute hassles. Bangladesh Railway e-ticketing website (https://eticket.railway.gov.bd/) offers a convenient platform. For a smooth journey, it is recommended to buy a return ticket from the Bangladesh railway. This will save you from the hassle of buying a ticket for the return journey separately. Also, be sure to check the train schedule before planning your journey as the train has an off day on Tuesday.