Ekota express (706 & 705)

The Ekota express (706 & 705)

Ekota express (706 & 705)

The Ekota Express is your gateway to exploring North-Western Bangladesh. This inter-city train, operated by Bangladesh Railway, connects Dhaka, to the historical town of Panchagarh, nestled near the Indian border.

Table of contents

  1. About the train
  2. Routes and timings
  3. Ticket pricing
  4. Beyond the train journey

About the train

The Ekota express is a notable train service in Bangladesh, operating since 1986. It connects the eastern and western regions of the country. Initially, it couldn't reach Dhaka directly due to the absence of a bridge over the Jamuna River. However, with the Bangabandhu Bridge's construction in 1998, this changed, enabling faster travel.

The Ekota express underwent a major upgrade in 2016, converting from meter-gauge to broad-gauge, increasing its capacity to 1,200 passengers. It received new coaches from Indonesia and extended its route to Panchagarh in 2018, making it the longest passenger train route in Bangladesh.

Currently, due to the risky condition of the Jamuna Bridge, crossing the river takes about half an hour.

Routes and timings

Days of Operation: Everyday

Time table of Ekota express (705) :

Certainly! Here's the journey routes and timings presented in a table format:

StationArrival TimeHaltDeparture Time
Dhaka10:15 am BST--
Biman Bandar10:38 am BST5 min10:43 am BST
Joydebpur11:06 am BST2 min11:08 am BST
Tangail12:02 pm BST2 min12:04 pm BST
BBSetu_E12:24 pm BST10 min12:34 pm BST
SH M Monsur Ali01:00 pm BST3 min01:03 pm BST
Ullapara01:20 pm BST2 min01:22 pm BST
Ishwardi Bypass02:21 pm BST3 min02:24 pm BST
Natore03:03 pm BST3 min03:06 pm BST
Santahar03:55 pm BST5 min04:00 pm BST
Akkelpur04:20 pm BST2 min04:22 pm BST
Joypurhat04:49 pm BST3 min04:52 pm BST
Panchbibi05:12 pm BST2 min05:14 pm BST
Birampur05:34 pm BST3 min05:37 pm BST
Fulbari05:48 pm BST3 min05:51 pm BST
Parbatipur06:15 pm BST10 min06:25 pm BST
Chirirbandar06:40 pm BST2 min06:42 pm BST
Dinajpur07:00 pm BST5 min07:05 pm BST
Setabganj07:35 pm BST2 min07:37 pm BST
Pirganj07:51 pm BST2 min07:53 pm BST
Thakurgaon Road08:15 pm BST3 min08:18 pm BST
Ruhia08:33 pm BST2 min08:35 pm BST
Kismat08:42 pm BST2 min08:44 pm BST
B Sirajul Islam09:00 pm BST--

Time table of Ekota express (706):

Here's the table for the return journey, Ekota Express 705:

StationArrival TimeHaltDeparture Time
B Sirajul Islam--09:10 pm BST
Kismat09:25 pm BST2 min09:27 pm BST
Ruhia09:34 pm BST2 min09:36 pm BST
Thakurgaon Road09:51 pm BST3 min09:54 pm BST
Pirganj10:16 pm BST2 min10:18 pm BST
Setabganj10:32 pm BST2 min10:34 pm BST
Dinajpur11:05 pm BST5 min11:10 pm BST
Chirirbandar11:30 pm BST2 min11:32 pm BST
Parbatipur11:50 pm BST5 min11:55 pm BST
Fulbari12:31 am BST3 min12:34 am BST
Birampur12:45 am BST3 min12:48 am BST
Panchbibi01:15 am BST2 min01:17 am BST
Joypurhat01:28 am BST3 min01:31 am BST
Akkelpur01:45 am BST2 min01:47 am BST
Santahar02:15 am BST5 min02:20 am BST
Natore03:13 am BST3 min03:16 am BST
Ullapara04:27 am BST3 min04:30 am BST
BBSetu_E05:23 am BST2 min05:25 am BST
Tangail05:45 am BST2 min05:47 am BST
Joydebpur06:47 am BST3 min06:50 am BST
Dhaka07:50 am BST--

This tables layout provides a clear and concise overview of the journey routes and timings for Ekota Express, making it easier for travelers to plan their trips effectively.

Ticket pricing

Ticket prices for the Ekota express train vary based on seating class:

Purchase your ticket at Bangladesh E-ticketing platform.

Beyond the train journey

Panchagarh offers a plethora of experiences for travelers: