Suborno express (702 & 701)

Suborno Express (702 & 701)

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About the train

Starting its journey on April 14, 1998, the Suborno Express is a standout intercity train connecting Dhaka and Chittagong in Bangladesh. It's known for being the nation's first non-stop luxury train, creating a niche in the world of railway services. The key feature? Modern Korean coaches, introduced on June 6, 2023, boasting 8 AC chair cars, 7 non-AC chair cars, two dining cars with guard brakes, and a generator car.

The engine, part of the respected Class 3000 series of Bangladesh Railway, makes the Suborno Express a favorite not just for its direct route but also for having more AC seats than other Dhaka-Chittagong trains. It's a top pick for the corporate crowd. Plus, it can pull up to 22 coaches, handling the rush with ease.

The Journey: Dhaka to Chattogram

Schedule: SUBORNO EXPRESS (702) operates six days a week, with Monday designated as its day of rest.

Departure from Dhaka

Suborno Express (702) departs sharp at 4:30 pm BST from Dhaka station.

Stopover at Biman Bandar

The train arrives at 4:53 pm BST and halts for a mere 5 minutes before departing at 4:58 pm BST.

Final Destination: Chattogram

Chattogram, the coastal city known for its vibrant atmosphere, is the final destination of Suborno Express (702). The train arrives at 9:25 pm BST, completing the 4 hours and 55 minutes journey.

Return Journey: Suborno Express (701)

Chattogram to Dhaka

The return journey via Suborno Express (701) mirrors the schedule of its counterpart. Departing from Chattogram at 7:30 am BST, the train reaches Dhaka at 12:25 pm BST, completing the 4 hours and 55 minutes journey.

Ticket Prices and Classes

Traveling in comfort comes with its own price. Here are the ticket prices for Suborno Express:

Choose the class that suits your preferences and budget, ensuring a pleasant journey from Dhaka to Chattogram.

Travel Tips

Book a Ticket: To avoid last-minute hassles, it's advisable to purchase ticket from Bangladesh Railway. You can purchase online train ticket from [Bangladesh railway E-ticketing platform].(


Q: Can I purchase tickets online for Suborno Express?

A: Yes, Bangladesh Railway provides online ticket booking facilities, making it convenient for travelers to secure their seats in advance.

Q: Is food available on the train?

A: Suborno Express offers catering services, providing passengers with a selection of snacks and meals during the journey.

Q: Can I change my travel date after purchasing a ticket?

A: While changes are possible, it's recommended to check the terms and conditions of Bangladesh Railway regarding ticket modifications.