Mitali Express (3131 & 3132)

The Journey of Mitali Express (3131 & 3132) Train

This blog provides detailed information about the Mitali Express (3131 & 3132), a key rail service between Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Siliguri, India. Readers will find comprehensive information about the train’s history, its journey details, and practical advice for travelers. This blog serves as a valuable resource for those interested in the operations of the Mitali Express (3131 & 3132).

Table of Contents

  1. History of Mitali Express
  2. Journey Routes and Timings
  3. Travel Tips for Newcomers
  4. Ticket Information
  5. Return Journey: Mitali Express (3132)
  6. Travel tips
  7. FAQ

History of Mitali Express

The Mitali Express (3131) is a distinguished international rail service that bridges the gap between Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and Siliguri, a city in India.The Mitali Express (3131 & 3132) is a non-stop passenger train, equipped with ten compartments, operating on 513 km route. This train service was officially launched on the significant day of March 26, 2021, coinciding with the golden jubilee celebration of Bangladesh’s independence. However, the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 led to a delay in its commercial operations since its inauguration. It was not until June 1, 2022, that the train embarked on its first commercial journey and resumed regular services.

Journey Routes and Timings

Dhaka to New Jalpaiguri

Return Journey: Mitali Express (3132)

New Jalpaiguri to Dhaka

Ticket Information

Additional Fees:

Travel Tax: There is a travel tax of ৳1000 per seat for adults. Please ensure payment is made before the journey.

Bedding Charge: An additional charge of ৳200 per seat is applicable for bedding, providing enhanced comfort during your travel.

Travel Tips

  1. Purchase a Return Ticket: For a smooth transition, consider buying a return ticket directly from Bangladesh Railway. It ensures a hassle-free journey back, and you won't have to worry about last-minute ticket arrangements.
  2. Learn Some Local Words: Know a few Bengali phrases for greetings like "Kemon achen" (how are you?), "Dhonnobad" (thank you), and "Ami [place name] jete chai" (I want to go to [place]).

  3. Bring Local Money: Keep some Bangladeshi Taka and Indian Rupees with you. It makes it easier when you're buying small things or talking to local sellers in both countries.

  4. Ask for Help When Needed: If you have a problem, talk to the railway police, ticket counter, or station master. They can help you quickly and solve any issues you might have.

  5. Be Safe with Food: Be careful about what you eat. Don't take food from strangers to make sure you stay healthy during your trip.
  6. Know Emergency Numbers: Remember the emergency numbers. In Bangladesh, call 999, and in India, call 112.


Q: Is Mitali Express punctual?

A: Yes, Mitali Express is known for its punctuality, providing a reliable travel experience.

Q: Are there any stops during the journey?

A: Both the outbound and return journeys have no scheduled stops, ensuring a continuous and efficient trip.

Q: Can I buy tickets online?

A: Not for now. But soon Bangladesh railway will start the online ticket booking services for Mitali Express.