Bandhan Express (3130 & 3129)

BANDHAN EXPRESS (3130 & 3129): A journey through bonds

Table of Contents

  1. History of Bandhan Express
  2. Journey Routes and Timings
  3. Ticket Information
  4. Return Journey: Bandhan Express (3130 & 3129)
  5. Travel Tips


The Bandhan Express is a distinguished rail service that bridges India and Bangladesh. Originally known as the Maitree Express II, it stands as the second state-of-the-art, fully air-conditioned passenger train that connects West Bengal in India with Bangladesh. The train was christened ‘Bandhan’, meaning ‘Bonding’, after the proposed name ‘Sonartari’ was dropped due to its common usage in both countries’ railway systems. The train service was launched via a video conference by the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the Bangladeshi Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, and the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee. The train started its journey from Kolkata railway station in India, making stops at Dum Dum and Bangaon before reaching the Indian border at Petrapole. It then crosses over to Benapole in Bangladesh, passing through Jhikargachha & Jessore, and finally arrives at Khulna railway station. Interestingly, this train service does not involve any immigration or customs checks at the international border. All immigration procedures are carried out at Kolkata and Khulna. Passengers are required to have a valid visa and passport before they can purchase a ticket for the Bandhan Express. Initially, the train operated only on Thursdays. However, in February 2020, the frequency was increased to twice a week, i.e., Sundays and Thursdays. The train service was temporarily suspended in March 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic but resumed its regular operations from 29 May 2022.

Routes and Timings:

Bandhan Express (3130)

Return Journey : Bandhan Express (3129)

Ticket Pricing:

AC_S: ৳1950* (Including VAT)

This class offers a comfortable sleeping arrangement with air conditioning. Passengers can enjoy a restful journey in well-appointed berths.

AC_CHAIR: ৳1300* (Including VAT)

Designed for a more upright and shorter-duration travel experience, the AC_CHAIR class provides air-conditioned seating for passengers seeking a comfortable journey.

Additional Charges:

Return ticket: For optimal convenience, we advice you to buy your return ticket from Khulna Station.

Travel Tips:

  1. Currency Readiness:
  2. Ensure a smooth transition between Bangladesh and India by carrying a bit of both Bangladeshi Taka and Indian Rupees. This helps you handle small expenses during border crossings or quick stops.

  3. Basic Bengali Phrases:
  4. Get familiar with some Bengali phrases to make your communication smoother. Saying things like "how are you" ("kemon achen"), "thanks" or "thank you" ("dhonnobad"), and "I want to go to this location" ("ami [place name] jete chai") can be really helpful in connecting with locals.

  5. Know Who to Approach:
  6. If you face any issues, reach out to the right authorities. The railway police, ticket counters, and station masters are your contacts for different situations.

  7. Avoid Consuming Unverified Food:
  8. Stay healthy and enjoy your journey by not accepting food from strangers.

  9. Emergency Contact Numbers:
  10. For emergency numbers in Bangladesh, please visit our emergency helpline number page. In India, the emergency number is 112.

  11. Document Copies:
  12. Keep photocopies of important documents like passports, tickets, and identification. This can be really helpful in case of misplacement or unexpected situations.