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Hiring motorbikes in Bangladesh. What you need to know.

Is it possible to rent a motorbike in Bangladesh?

Yes, you can easily rent a motorbike in lots of places in Bangladesh. In Dhaka, Chittagong and in some other cities you can easily get a motorbike via services like Pathao, Uber and InDrive. Most of the time hiring motorbike is a cost effective way to reach your destination. But beware of hiring motorbikes outside of apps platform and in popular tourist places. Since scams are pretty common in tourist places.

What are some apps that I can use to hire a motorbike

There are several apps are available. You can check out the popular apps list and links above.

Can I rent a motorbike for self driving in Dhaka?

As a foreigner , you may not be able to rent a motorbike for self driving in Dhaka as most of the rental companies do not accept non-Bangla speakers. However, if you have a local guide who knows how to navigate through the city then you should be fine. If you don't want to pay extra for a driver then you might end up getting lost or stuck somewhere. It would be best to ask someone locally about this before planning your trip. Also you will be need a valid driving license to drive a motorbike. Ask your guide before attempting to do so.