Cox's Bazar Express (814)

The Journey of COXS BAZAR EXPRESS (814 & 813)

Welcome to the train journeys in Bangladesh. Today, we will be exploring the COXS BAZAR EXPRESS (814 & 813).

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  1. The Story of COXS BAZAR EXPRESS (814 & 813)
  2. Journey Routes and Timings
  3. Return Journey: COXS BAZAR EXPRESS
  4. Ticket Information
  5. Advice for travelers

The Story of COXS BAZAR EXPRESS (814 & 813)

The COXS BAZAR EXPRESS (814 & 813) is a key train in Bangladesh, linking Dhaka and Cox’s Bazar. In 2023, the Dohazari–Cox’s Bazar railway line was almost done.Then on 16 November 2023, the railway minister, Md. Nurul Islam Sujon, announced the name of the train: COXS BAZAR EXPRESS. On 1 December 2023, the COXS BAZAR EXPRESS (814) started its first trip.

The architecture of the Cox bazar Station

Cox’s Bazar Railway Station is a standout piece of modern design that mirrors the abundant marine life of Cox’s Bazar. Its design takes inspiration from an oyster, a nod to the beachside location. The six-story building spans 1.87 lakh square feet, and its exterior, shaped like an oyster shell, is a sight to behold.

The terminal of the station is spread across five floors, with the topmost floor set aside for future use. The ground floor is home to a variety of services, including government offices, ticket counters, and shops. The first floor serves as the departure lounge and is equipped with amenities such as lifts, stairs, washrooms, baby care facilities, waiting lounges, lockers, tourist information desks, and prayer rooms. This floor also has a footbridge for departure.

The second floor houses restaurants and shops, while the third floor is planned to be a hotel with recreational facilities for passengers. The hotel will feature 39 rooms. The fourth floor is intended for office spaces and conferences.

The station is situated on a 29-acre plot in Chanderpara, under the Jhilongjha union in Cox’s Bazar Sadar upazila, six kilometers from the district town. More than just a transit point for travelers, this station symbolizes the country’s strides in infrastructure development.

Journey Routes and Timings

COXS BAZAR EXPRESS (814) Journey Routes and Timings:

Departure from Dhaka:

Biman Bandar station:

Chattogram station:

Cox's Bazar arrival:

Return Journey - COXS BAZAR EXPRESS (813):

Departure from Cox's Bazar:

Chattogram Stopover:

Arrival in Dhaka:

Ticket Information:


S_CHAIR Class:

Advice for travelers

Buy train ticket: To avoid last-minute hassles, consider purchasing a ticket from Bangladesh railway's online ticketing platform.